Undergraduate Education

Our Undergraduate Plan

Without a thriving and successful undergraduate student body, we cannot become the premier public university we know we can be. Over the last few years, the quality of our first-year students has remained on par with Top 25 institutions and our retention rate and six-year graduation rate have both improved. We are a better undergraduate university now than we were when our journey began.

Much of our success has come ahead of some recent targeted and purposeful programs and initiatives. We are certain that the following new academic and administrative improvements will only further boost our progress toward our undergraduate goals.

  • One Stop Express Student Services opened in summer 2013 to help improve the business transactions between the university and our students.
  • uTrack launched in fall 2013 to help undergraduates track their academic progress and better prepare them to graduate on time.
  • The 15-4 tuition model went into effect in fall 2013 to encourage students to take at least 15 credit hours each semester in order to graduate on time and with less debt.
  • Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek visited the White House in spring 2014 and committed to three new programs to help improve access to education and academic success.


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