Research and Engagement

Our Research and Engagement Plan

Our research distinguishes us from other universities, and our success in exploring a wide array of topics is dependent on funding. We’ve made progress on our journey in two key research metrics—federal research expenditures and total research expenditures—numbers generated by the National Science Foundation.

Partnerships are crucial to our continued success in this priority area. The Office of Research and Engagement is committed to maintaining and improving existing partnerships with external partners, such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory, while exploring new opportunities. We also continue to further on-campus partnerships, such as those between academic colleges. Interdisciplinary projects allow us to maximize existing talent and expertise to further our research capacity, outreach, and public reputation.

To manage the research component of the university’s strategic plan, the Top 25 Strategic Plan for Research and Engagement is currently under development. When complete, it will guide and benchmark our progress toward our goals.

Engagement is foundational to our role as a public research university. In February 2013, the Knoxville campus and the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture elected to work closely together to attain a joint designation for the 2015 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification.


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